What to look for when choosing wood floorboards

With an increasing awareness of the significance of genuine home restoration and modern home design, timber floorboards and structural timber beams are trending more than ever, with a growing number of renovators either reconditioning old floor covering, or investing and setting up new ones. While crafted boards are an extensive option for the useful and budget-savvy, nothing screams luxury like the genuine deal.

When choosing your boards, there are 2 areas to think about: the sturdiness of your floor and its total visual appeal. Choosing your flooring thoughtfully will ensure you are setting up floorboards with longevity and loads of visual appeal.

“Resilience is at the end of the day, vital,” recommends Moss Johnson of Wandoo Design and Building. “Unlike the Oregon and Baltic pine floorboard used frequently in the past, which looked excellent but wore out fairly rapidly, Australian woods like jarrah, blackbutt and identified gum are extremely resistant, less most likely to dent, and can hold up against hard, everyday wear-and-tear.”

When it pertains to the appearance of your flooring, think about grain, colour and width, all which impact a space in dramatically various ways. A wood’s grain and visual pattern is identified by its origin and the approach by which it is cut. As is the tone for any timber products you select. Fortunately, there is a variety of Australian hardwoods to choose from that function a diverse series of colours, varying from deep reds, through to light and rich browns.

The width of your boards is both a visual and budget-based option. Wider boards stay the most popular choice given their capability to make an area appear larger and more stylish. “They simply look better,” concurs Moss, “however lots of renovators in custom homes opt for slim boards since they are more economical and simple to obtain. It’s important to note, though, that if picking skinny, you will require more boards to guarantee your flooring is steady, so that does suggest more labour. Regardless, it is actually essential to select the width you love.”

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