DIY nails

Essential Tools To Do A Manicure At Home

There is nothing better than a manicure to help your hands look clean and fresh. Professional manicures can be very expensive, not to mention the salon workers can often be rough and cause more damage than good. Learn how you can give yourself a manicure and prepare your nails for artificial nails or a new set of colours.

In order to give yourself a manicure make-over it is important to prep the nails and have everything you need on hand and ready to go. If you don’t already have the supplies, you will need to buy them upfront – but every time you want to give yourself a nail job you will already have everything you need, as most items can be reused. Time to get some fancy gel nails! 

Time to get your supplies:

Nail buffer

Nail trimmer

Cuticle trimmer

Nail polish remover

Cotton balls

Cuticle cream

Base coat

Top coat 

Nail polish 

Nail file

Setting up a workspace

Nail polish can damage most surfaces like plastic and wood. If you are sitting at a table or desk, ensure that you have some scrap paper or plastic down to protect your furniture against any spills. 

Remove any old polish

Use can use cotton balls and some nail polish to remove any old polish that still remains on the fingernails. Nail polish remover is drying to your nails and cuticles so try and get a good quality one that isn’t as harsh. Using trimmers cut your nails to your desired length then use a file to smooth the area and create a shape to your desire. Don’t put too much force into it as you can damage the nails and cause breakages. Your main aim is just to clean them up rather than cutting them short.

Soak your nails

Using a bowl or sink you need to fill it with warm water and a few drops of non-drying soap. You only need to soak the nails for a few moments to loosen dead skin and dust from the filing and buffering. You now need to use a nail brush to gently clean the nails and cuticles. 

Preparing the cuticles

Dry the nails and apply a good quality cuticle cream. Using a cuticle pusher if you have one push back the cuticles but never cut them. If you remove the cuticle it allows for infections and bacteria to enter that margin of skin. You can wipe off any excess skin with a towel or tissue.

Now you can follow on with whatever type of manicure you want to do. Maybe you just want to paint your nails, maybe you are applying a set of fake nails or getting gel nails put on. Once you have prepared your nails you can go ahead with whatever you want to do. You can create special designs with gemstones and different coloured polishes and gels. You can research online for some special designs that you can create at home. You can even cut out small shapes from thin cards and put over your nail and paint it to create different stencils and designs. Once you have learnt how to do it and you have everything you need you can host a girl’s night in full of manicures and Netflix.