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Tips When Buying A Cigar

If you’re unfamiliar with cigar smoking but wish to try it, here is what you need to know before heading into the cigar shop. There are no more than four tactics when picking a cigar: 

  • Hand-rolled Or Cigar Sticks

First of all, when you go to a cigar shop, whether you want to buy hand-rolled cigars in boxes or sticks, the first thing is to do is open the humidor and check it. Upon opening, there should be a burst of the cigar’s unique scent in your nostrils, especially when you are looking at superior quality such as Cohiba cigars. Opening the humidor is the most basic requirement. If your cigar dealer refuses this request, there could be something fishy about the quality of the cigar, or they don’t respect what’s important when buying cigars at all. 

  • Check The Aroma and Cigar Colour

After smelling the aroma, check whether the colour of the cigar in the box is consistent. The same box of cigars should be arranged neatly from left to right according to the colour depth, and all cigars have only a slight difference in colour depth. Dark cigars have more sugar and will be richer than lighter ones. If the shades of the same box of cigars are too different, the taste must be very different.

  • Check Your Suitable Intensity Of The Cigar

Some people think that you can try cigars of different intensity levels and choose those that suit your preference of smoke. If you see a whole box of cigars with different colors that are too exaggerated. It must be mentioned that even if the same brand, each size of the cigar will have different shades. Although a box of 25 cigars should have the same color, each box of the same size cigar may not be the same.

Also, although the 50 cigars are tied with ribbons, there is no so-called arrangement, but you still need to remember. If you find that the cigars in the same box are too different in color, please think twice before buying.

  • Observe The Colour And State Of The Cigar

After observing the color, you gently take out one of the cigars and gently squeeze it with your thumb and index finger from head to toe. A cigar that is too dry is too brittle because it does not absorb enough water, and it will involuntarily make a “rusty” flavor. If you accidentally press it a little harder, the wrapper will even crack in your fingers. Some people like to hold the cigar to their ears to see if there is a rustling sound. A real veteran squeezes it lightly to know if it is ready. Cigars that are over-dried will burn very quickly when smoked and will burn unevenly.

On the other hand, cigars that are too wet are lifeless because they are too full. Because there is no slight elasticity, it takes a long time for the pressed position to return to its original shape, and a cigar that is too wet is usually difficult to smoke. A cigar that is well preserved should be ok when it is pressed down and quickly returns to its original level, and there will even be a little bit of tobacco oil stamped on your finger. And if a cigar is perfectly preserved, even if you squeeze it deep, it can be restored to its original shape. 

Try these tips next time you are shopping for cigars and try to see if all our advice helps you choose the best cigars. Be careful when checking cigars in the store, you don’t want to be violent because it is likely to damage the wrapper and internal structure of the cigar and will upset the shopkeeper. We hope the above few key points help you when buying the best cigars to enjoy your smoking experience.