everything you need to know about breast implants

Everything You Need To Know About Different Breast Implants

There are many different breast implants out there, and which ones you get will depend on your individual case as to which ones are best suited for your needs. Here are a few:

Saline breast implants 

These types of implants are filled with saltwater. If the implant ruptures or suffers a leak the saline can be absorbed into the body and then it is naturally expelled by the body. Saline breast implants can provide you with a uniformed shape with a firmness feel to them, for example after a breast reduction. They are FDA approved for use in women who are aged 18 or over.

Structured saline breast implants

These implants are filled with sterile water and have an inner structure that aims to make them feel more natural. 

Silicone breast implants

This type of implants is filled with a silicone gel. The gel has a natural feel to it similar to breast tissue. If the implant happens to leak the gel can remain within the shell or even leak into the implant pocket. If the silicone gel does leak the implant won’t collapse. This type of implant will need a plastic surgeon to check that the implants are functioning properly regularly. These are also FDA approved for women who are aged over 22.

Gummy bear breast implants

This implant is often called the gummy bear implant as they maintain their shape even when the outer shell has been broken. The silicone gel that is inside the implant has a thicker consistency than the traditional ones. These implants are firmer from the traditional ones. This type has a more projection at the bottom with a taper towards the top. If the implant rotates it can lead to a different appearance in the breast which will need to be corrected during another procedure.

Round breast implants

The round implants can make your breast appear fuller and more form-stable implants. They have a higher profile, which can help to achieve more projection. As this type is the same shape all round so, they are less likely to rotate around.

Smooth breast implants

The smooth implants have a soft feeling. They can move with the breast implant pocket which can give off more natural movements. The smooth implants can have some palpable or rippling under the skin that can become visible.

Possible surgery risks involved with breast augmentation include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Anaesthesia risks
  • Hematoma
  • Changes in breast sensation
  • Poor scarring
  • Wrong position of the implant
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Formation of scar tissue around the implant
  • Implant rupture or leakage
  • Needing revision surgery
  • Persistent pain
  • Wrinkling over the implant

Your plastic surgeon will go through the risks and complications with you to ensure you fully understand before taking apart in any breast augmentation surgery. 

There are other important considerations that you need to be aware of such as:

  • Breast augmentation will regular you to have regular examinations to evaluate your breast health and the condition on the implants.
  • Pregnancy, menopause and weight loss can influence the look of the breasts over your lifetime
  • Breast implants will not last a lifetime and you may need to have them replaced in the future.

There are ups and downs to breast implants so ensure you are prepared correctly and do the correct follow up treatment etc to ensure everything is how it should be.