A Simple Way To Measure Your Own Proper Shoe Size

We get it. You’re a full-grown woman and you no doubt understand exactly what women’s shoe size you’re supposed to wear. After all you’ve been purchasing shoes for most of your life, and now buying shoes online is more difficult than ever to get the right size. Well, there is a problem. A recent research study by the College of Podiatry in the U.K., the majority of people are walking in shoes that are the incorrect size for their feet. Recently, when they surveyed more than 2,000 adults in early 2014, they discovered that one third of men and nearly half of the women surveyed were pushing their feet into shoes that just don’t fit properly at all!how to measure your own shoe size

Undoubtedly, wearing the incorrect size shoes can be a problem from a pain viewpoint, but more importantly, in the long-term it can also trigger bigger concerns, like bunions, foot defects (like hammertoes or toe nail damage) and pain even when you are walking around barefoot. Say you choose not to buy mens shoes online, you might go to a shop and get your foot sized up routinely, but there are other things you ‘d enjoy doing more with your life. Here’s a few ways how to measure your own feet.

You begin by setting a piece of paper on your uncarpeted floor such as the kitchen or bathroom. After that, place either your bare foot or your socked foot (this all depends upon whether you wear socks with most of the shoes you wear) down on the paper and simply trace around it. As soon as you have your overview, take a ruler and make a rectangular shape around the beyond your overview, as near to it as possible. Then determine the width and length between those parallel lines and take away 3 sixteenths of an inch from each measurement (we know you want to break out your calculator at this point but so did we). The measurement of the length will determine your proper shoe size for all types of shoes (high heels,loafers,casual, formal, corporate or whatever) and the width will figure out, yes, you’ve guessed it, the width. Most people however fall into the medium width variety.

Once you have done all of that and worked out the measurements using your trusty phone calculator, head over to this website. It gives you a list of all the measurement breakdowns for women as well as men and find out if you’ve been wearing the incorrect shoe size all this time for your feet.

A simple video that explains all of the above: